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2fortp 1.0

Eric the Pixie's 2Fort Practice Map

This map is a faithful recreation of the
excellent 2Fort Map included with TFC.

The map is intended as a practice tool to
allow players to develop their general
game skills and is also intended as an aid
to Clan strategy development.

Single player training:
Select the Blue team and use the map to
practice rocket jumps, conc jumps, etc.
There is an ample supply of health, ammo and
grenades in the most important areas.
The Red Base elevator will not function for
the Blue team, this allows the single
player to practice conc jumping up the shaft
from the basement.

Clan Strategy Development:
Attacking team must choose the Blue Team
Defenders are always on the Red Team.
Teleports from the Blue Base allow the
attackers to group at a variety of points,
disposing with the long trek between bases.
The extra ammo, health and grenade packs can
be added or removed in three distinct areas
from the Blue Base respawn

Other Info:
Author: John Armstrong
aka [SCOT]Eric the Pixie[UN].

Development Time: 11 weeks (off & on)

Current Release: Final, 11th June 2001.

Beta Testers:
[SCOT]Tartan Terror[UN]
[SCOT]Diamond Dog[UN]

IMPORTANT: This map and the accompanying files
may be distributed freely providing that the
contents of the archive are intact and unmodified.
Distribution as a compilation on CD, DVD or other
mass storage device must receive permission from
the author before proceeding.

This map has been modelled from scratch, but is of
course an emulation of the original Valve map that
is distributed with the TFC mod for Half-life.

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