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juggle_jolt 1.0

Welcome to Jolt Juggle
By [CG1]Adam for Jolt Online Gaming Ltd.

Last Updated: 12th May, 2004.
Version: Final 1

.: Description :.

You can test and improve your juggling skills on TFC using this map.
You can play as a Scout, Medic, Solder or Demoman. Whichever you
find easier to get to the top. There are 3 different towers to get
up, each getting harder as you go.

Anyway, have fun!

.: Version Changes Log :.

Alpha 1
[11/04/2004] I was asked to remake this map due to some "problems" with the original.
[11/04/2004] Map development began.
[11/04/2004] Map shell complete.
[12/04/2004] Map lighting complete.
[11/04/2004] Map entities complete.

Alpha 2
[11/04/2004] Fixed ammo packs.
[11/04/2004] Fixed aarow directions.
[11/04/2004] Fixed messages.

Alpha 3
[11/04/2004] Fixed sky lighting.
[11/04/2004] Fixed TF-Detect entity not being detected.
[11/04/2004] Allowed 4 teams, but can't kill eachother.

Beta 1
[11/04/2004] Extended spawn room.
[11/04/2004] Tweaked lighting.
[11/04/2004] Tweaked TF-Detect entity settings.

Beta 2
[12/04/2004] Added a 4th secret tower for the 1337 jugglers.
[12/04/2004] Added scout class, unsure why this didn't appear before.

Final 1
[12/04/2004] Reduced the number of ammo bags to save resources.
[12/04/2004] New enterance on the 4th tower, stops players teleporting into each other.

.: Credits :.

Map made by [CG1]Adam

Thanks to the following beta testers for their time helping me test
this brilliant map:


Sorry if I havent listed you here and you did beta test it, give me
a poke and you will be in the next release.

.: Links :.

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Jolt TFC IRC: irc:// (#tfc.jolt @ QuakeNet IRC.)
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