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Mapping: -=KAMIKAZE UK=-
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Original Storyline/Mission Plan

Following the disastrous events at the end of sc3,
we sent in another agent to aid you and your team
in your escape.
Unfortunately, It looked as if we dropped him off
at the wrong place so he couldn't make it to you.
Despite this, you managed to find the rendezvous point
without the aid of the now deceased demoman.
Good Job, Team.

We have a new mission for you, if you choose to accept it.

Our sources have discovered the identity of the Man behind
the Teleportation Experiments. He was also the sole Investor
of the entire operation.
Due to this Man's questionable sanity, and his threat level
to society, we must exterminate him with extreme prejudice.
This is where you come in.

He obviously wasn't in the base when it was destroyed because
we have picked up enormous transmissions of Government
Classified Data from a skyscraper in the heart of the
Business Disrict of The Big City(tm).
You must Hunt him down and Destroy him.
He will either be in his Skyscraper, Telemann Corporation,
or his Hideout.
As a precaution, we have set undetectable explosives at
both of these locations, which you must activate to complete
the mission.
These explosives are for wiping out any trace of the Teleportation

Once inside his Skyscraper or his home, Our Agent will assist
you in the deactivation of the complex security systems in both
Unfortunately, due to the sudden implementation of this mission,
we have not had time to supply you with the training or tools
necessary to bypass electronic security devices therefore
our agent is an essential part of this mission.
There will be points at which he will require your assistance
to deactivate certain devices. He will notify you via the
Standard Comms Uplink.

We will drop you off on the roof of his Skyscraper and give you
the following details:

1. Floorplans of the Skyscraper, Explosives areas Marked
2. Floorplans of the Hideout, Explosives areas Marked
3. Directions to the Hideout

"Who Dares, Wins"

General Kamikaze


Mission Plan following the Crash

Due to a sudden EMP charge aimed at your transport Helicopter
from unknown sources, you crashed Miles off target.
Make your way to the Telemann Corps. Building and Hideout using
any means possible.
You may need to go through other buildings, one of which we beleive
is the Kami-Tech Industries building.
This Building is directly above a disused Subway Station which
has access to the new Subway route and Station(s).
From there, you should be able to reach the Car Park at the base of the
Telemann Corps. Building.
This is the location of the 1st set of Explosvies: Prime them and find a
way to the Telemann Corps. main building.
If the Target is in this building, destroy him. If he is not, Make your way
to his Hideout. Once at his Hideout, Prime the 2nd set of Explosives
and make your way to the pickup point, where you will have access to the
The pickup team will arrive once the Buildings have been destroyed.
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