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pipe_thisifyoucan 1.0


Map by Spaz, designed for the Demoman class, and mapped especially
for the American side of TFC.

Starting date: 06/24/2012

Release date: 07/07/2012

Number of jumps: 6

Type of jumps: Juggle + precision

Reverse team: No because it was almost impossible to add given the
shape of some jumps. Although I might add it in the future.

Map Description

This is possibly the hardest map specifically designed for the quad
demoman class. It features 6 jumps of increasing difficulty and some
new and never-seen-before obstacles, like special floors (grids) that
will make your life even harder when you play, and will force you to
think outside the box in some cases. The map also has a "FreeStyle"
team, which allows you to try any jump you want with soldier and
medic/scout. Unless you're masochistic, don't try to conc jump 2,4,5 and 6.

If you think that 6 jumps aren't a lot, don't worry because it will take
you a lot of time to beat this map. Only a few players will ever reach the
endroom and beat it. Do you think you have what it takes to be the best?

Short jump description

Jump 1: Short, simple and easy.

Jump 2: Introduces the special grids but remains pretty simple.

Jump 3: Big leap in difficulty on this one.
Tip: 3 perfect overheads or Juggle, both are possible

Jump 4: Very hard jump, it's all about juggling skills.

Jump 5: This one is a monster of a jump, it requires perfect control
and precision over the demoman class. Extremely hard.

Jump 6: A nightmare. Short, intense, and it also makes extensive
use of the special grids. Good luck.

Special thanks to tyrant for helping me with a few mapping issues
and for giving me advice regarding textures.

Shoutout to old and new TFC buddies, to name a few: mute, Tommi,
koera, Freeman, Orion, tamonte, tyrant, Madcow, Conservative Ronnie.. etc.

Also shoutout to all the American TFC community. Not the European one, sorry,
it's too full of ... "people", who forgot that the main idea of a videogame
is to have fun. Don't get me wrong though, there ARE a lot of nice euro guys.

And to all those who are trying to kill what's left of the TFC community by
separating it, or by banning people for stupid reasons, or by claiming retarded
admin abuse cases... I've made a special team for you in this map. Enjoy it.

FINAL NOTE: If someone feels offended by anything in this map,
please don't hesitate to let me know so I can give a fuck. Thanks.
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