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sol_kicp 1.0

-------------Welcome to sol-kicp!-------------

Objective----------------Practice jump and mulch skills!

NOTE* Mulchers should only fight one vs. one. You should
come out of your base and wait on the target for another
person to come out of the other base. Once both of you are on
the targets jump three times to signal you are ready. You may
not go back in for more health unless you have won the match.

**Snipers for mulch teams have a teleport pad that goes to a
special target range. The teleport pad is located on the upper
floor of their base.

Time Taken to Construct: 1 days

4 jumps
2 mulch arenas
1 sniper arena


------------- Map Made by [K]-ICP ------------
------------- AKA Trane Ross ------------


Beta testers:
Just me lol.

*** Special Note ***
This map was originally made for the -=[dR.]=- Clan which I
was in but, the clan died so I converted it for another clan
-=[SoL]=- I know but I'm not a part of.
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