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Sprite Explorer 2.12

Sprite Explorer 2.12
Sprite Explorer is an application, which allows you to view and create Half-Life sprite files. The idea to write this program was born because there was no current comfortable sprite viewer, which could show all the frames and navigate through folders and .pak files, so we made sprite explorer! Below you can read the app's most noticeable features.

-Fixed bug with creation of transparent sprites - now last color in palette is transparent [pixel at bottom right corner]. We are sorry about the inconvenience, because as was written in history changes, that bug should be fixed in previous version of Sprite Explorer.
-Added value input box on Creation Wizard to specify frame index to build palette from. Useful when first frame is filled with one color and you need to specify another frame to build palette from.

-Added full preview window, where you can pause and play sequence.
-You can now preview your sprite in Creation Wizard.
-PAK exploration improved - now it looks like common pak explorer and allows everything, except modifying contents of pak file.

-Have very rich exporting options. Supported export formats are .bmp, .jpeg, .tga, .gif, .qc (decompilation)
-Can navigate through active sprite's folder like ACDSee - i.e. you can load previous/next sprite in folder.
-Has own Pak exploration system. So, you can view sprites without unpacking the pak file itself.
-Has drop-down menu on main panel, which shows all the sprites in folder or pak; using it you can easily find the essential sprite.
-Absolutely new sprite compiler (program was written in Delphi, so all the code, including sprite reading/creating was written from scratch).
-You can now create new sprites from bitmaps of any colour depths - no longer 256 only bitmaps, you can use 24 bit bitmaps.
-Shows all the frames of sprite in style of Windows XP tiles.
-Has palette viewer, which allows exporitng palette to binary and JASC format.
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