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tayconc3_r 1.0

Tayconc3 by
Alexander Taylor, aka Tayl0r
Textures by
MacMan and Randy Reddig

This is map 3 of the series TayConc. However, it is
not essential that you have played the others But if
you are finding this one hard, there is a nice
difficulty curve throughout the series; good conc’ers
can do TayConc with their eyes closed and TayConc 2
without too much foul language.

Anyway, this one is set in a city, not any particular
city though, and it sure isn’t very city like in
layout. But then, if it were we would just walk around
and there would be no concussion grenades needed
whatsoever. So the mysterious forces that be decided
to make random holes and walls for you to hop through
like a good scout/medic.

The jumps start of "medium" and progress into
"moderately hard." Again this map isn’t so hard that
nobody -except the 1-2 elitist bastards- gets past the
first jump. That said it is not exactly easy; if you
think you’re clever because you can jump up the lift
in 2fort, it will be a bit hard.

*** Important ***

Jump 4 requires you to shoot a button in mid-flight,
the button is quite large so the dizzyness shouldn't
make it insanely difficult, however there is problem
which you may encounter. If you shoot the button and
see the decals appear, it doesn't mean you actually hit
it, because of the speed, the concussion, your connection
internet weather etc, the server may not reply to the
shot as quickly as you fired it off, resulting in the
door not moving until you are long gone.

So, if you're on a 56k or something this could be a
problem. So, instead of shooting the buttons while in
the air, you can LAND on them, then shoot them.

Or, you can change your cl_lw and cl_lc settings to 0,
this way no shoots will appear until the server confirms
they happened, however set it to 1 again after, as
turning off your prediction is not recommended at all.

* You can be any team, they are all allied so you can't
hurt each other (unless friendly fire is on, for some
twisted reason). This also has the added bonus of
making the scoreboard look pretty.
* Each jump has a short description telling you what
do to.
* You can only die on the first jump.
* Objects such as gratings and glass break when you
thrust your face into them, not when you shoot them
(looks cooler that way).
* Yes, the usual football secret is here.


* Jump 1, 3, 6: It's now impossible to get stuck in
the rubble if you fail the jump.
* Jump 1: Now has more spawn points.
* Jump 3: The Fence at the end has been removed.
* Jump 3: The balcony has been extended.
* Jump 3: Added a bag in the window making it less
* Jump 4: The teleport destination is much closer to
the jump itself.
* Jump 4: The grenade bag is much closer to the jump
* Jump 8: The launching blocks are now aligned.
* Jump 8: The launching blocks have a clip over them.
* JUmp ?: The secret is easier to open now so there is
no spam while people are trying to do the jump.
* It's now impossible to make decals on the jump signs.
* The footballs are now "dropable" (they will instantly
return). (it's a zero)
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