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    ramp_aggror2 1.0

    ------------------------------- ramp_aGGroR2 by MadCow^vi@aGGroR ------------------------------- Started 8/6/2009. Finished 8/21/2009. The second map made specifically for aGGroR. The map contains 10 jumps and two courses, Regular and Master. No single ramps this time, kiddies. Thanks to...
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    ramp_banjo 1.0

    ======================================================= ramp_banjo ======================================================= IT'S RAMP_BANJO MOTHER FUKKERS LOL BY MADCOW SECRETS - 4 balls - 4 crown Find them all! ======================================================= This has been a...
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    ramp_jak 1.0

    ======================================================= ramp_jak ======================================================= IT'S RAMP_JAK MOTHER FUKKERS LOL BY MADCOW SECRETS - 4 balls - 1 crown - 1 flag - 1 secret course?! Find them all...
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    ramp_crash 1.0

    ======================================================= ramp_crash ======================================================= IT'S RAMP_CRASH MOTHER FUKKERS LOL BY MADCOW ======================================================= This has been a certified dope boy release...
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    ramp_run2 1.0

    ---------- ramp_run2 ---------- Created by MadCow^vi@aGGroR. This is the 2nd map in the popular ramp_run series. Started on 10/24/2008. Finished on 8/3/2009. ------------ Description ------------ Contains 10 jumps of progressive difficulty. Special thanks to all the testers of this map...
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    ramp_run 1.0

    ramp_run created by MadCow^vi Originally created on 6/26/2005 Finished on 10/22/2008 Contains 10 jumps of progressive difficulty. Objective: Slide up the ramps and complete each jump. Thanks to all the testers of this map.
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    ramp_wish 1.0

    ======================================================= ramp_wish ======================================================= Mapped By MadCow -- 14 total jumps -- - 1 kicked faggot still - - 1 fuckin good map - ======================================================= Shout outs to...
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    ramp_aggror_se 1.0

    ----------------------------------------- ramp_aGGroR_SE by MadCow^vi@aGGroR ----------------------------------------- ramp_aGGroR Special Edition. Created 8/27/09. This map contains the regular courses from ramp_aGGroR and ramp_aGGroR2. It has been completely redone in textures and included...
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    concmap_xsor 1.0

    ======================================================= concmap_xsor ======================================================= Mapped By MadCow and ExIsT aNd ill4death Brought to you by TEAM SOR Inspired by D12EmiNeM989 Sponsored by Four Loko -- 6 total jumps -- - 1 kicked...
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    conc_compact 1.0

    conc_compact by MadCow^vi My first finished map! Thanks to these two main beta testers: CKYBamM CaladiumX Consists of 10 jumps. Difficulty: Adv+/exp Created 7/22/05 Have fun.
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    concmap_xkp 1.0

    ======================================================= concmap_xkp ======================================================= Mapped By MadCow And TyRanT Brought to you by Katy Perry Inspired by Myst^vi@RaGGa -- 6...
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    concmap_xmc 1.0

    ======================================================= concmap_xmc ======================================================= Mapped By MadCow And TyRanT Brought to you by Miley Cyrus Inspired by Myst^vi@RaGGa -- 6...
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    quad_catastrophe 1.0

    quad_catastrophe created by MadCow^vi 8 Jumps Originally created back in July of 2005. Finally compiled on 10/11/2008. Thanks to play testers CaladiumX and CKYBamM. Good luck.
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    quad_rocket_merge2 1.0

    ------------------- quad_rocket_merge2 ------------------- Created by MadCow. Started 7/13/2010. Finished 7/15/2010. Bored of quad_rocket4? Well now you don't have to be! This map consists of 8 special merges, using only jumps from the classic map, quad_rocket4! Additionally, I have added a...
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    quad_rocket4_f 1.0

    ------------------- quad_rocket4_f ------------------- Created by .d5|MadCow@aGGroR^vi_xTrEmE. Finished 6/1/12. Quad rocket4 flipped. ill4death is a faggot bitch nigger. Sgt. Snake can suck dick and choke on pubic hair. TFC Refugees sucks, HOLY SHIT, DO YOU EVEN CONC? natti is a faggot...
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    quad_rocket_merge 1.0

    ------------------- quad_rocket_merge ------------------- Created by MadCow. Started 8/1/2009. Finished 8/4/2009. Tired of quad_rocket maps? Now you can mix it up with quad_rocket_merge! This map consists of jumps mixed from quad_rocket2 and quad_rocket3. All jump designs were created by...
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    concmap_xmc_f 1.0

    ======================================================= concmap_xmc Flipped Edition A Rapestorm production ======================================================= Mapped By MadCow And TyRanT Brought to you by Miley Cyrus Inspired by...
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    conc_compact2 1.0

    conc_compact2 by MadCow^vi My second map of the conc_compact series! (It's tough to complete maps!) Thanks to these main beta testers: CKYBamM Jon Tyrant Phast Consists of 10 jumps. Difficulty: Adv+/exp Created 4/5/06 Have fun.
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    concmap_xmm_xkpmc 1.0

    ======================================================= concmap_xmm_xkpmc XtReME MegA MErGe XtReME KatY PerRy MiLey CyRuS A Rapestorm production ======================================================= Originally Mapped By MadCow And TyRanT...
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    concmap_xnm 1.0

    ======================================================= concmap_xnm ======================================================= Mapped By MadCow And TyRanT and ExIsT aNd TuPac ShaKuR Brought to you by BaRBiE BitChES Inspired by Myst^vi@RaGGa...