GSP Server Datacenter Migration


Staff member
Game Servers has let me know that they are migrating their hardware to a new datacenter in Chicago. As such the server will be down for an unknown amount of time.

On Sunday, April 12th, we will be migrating hardware to a new datacenter in Chicago.

While we will do our absolute best to minimize downtime, it is possible for the downtime to last from around 9am CST to 11pm CST. There is no need to open a ticket for an offline server during this window.

We expect services to start coming back online in the late afternoon as we install and power up the machines.

Thank you for your understanding.
UPDATE: They are beginning to bring the servers back online. Shouldn't be to long.

We are in the process of bringing machines online. Additional services will be brought online as progress permits. Thank you for your patience. Additional updates will be provided here when they become available.