TFC Refugees


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I would like to say I have been playing here since 2013. Not a long time to people that have been with the game since the beginning or near it, but still feels like a long time to me. The game is approaching it's 2nd decade mark, which is quite a long time for any game to still have people who wanna follow it and support it. Though this time I've had good laughs with a lot of people I'll most likely never meet, I've been taught by some of the most helpful and patient people in any gaming community while providing my own help to new players when there was know one else around to help them. Most of which usually left after giving them a small rundown of what they would have to do, but sometimes people would actually start to enjoy the world of concing. So more to the point, as I'm sitting here typing this it's March 2016. I've been bouncing in and out of the server for the past 2 months without seeing but maybe 1 or 2 "Regulars" playing, sometimes with people just looking for a CTF server giving a quick exit as they realize what they just joined. I know they server has had some "drama" a few months back with some banning for AFK. A lot of the pro's left following there friends who couldn't play anymore, but even so there's quite a decent amount who still kept playing respecting the rules. The problem is, I haven't seen but maybe 1 or 2 of them. It also doesn't help that one of the highly respected concers/teacher/admin 'Ill4Death/Raven' left the game and Steam all together. I do hope the server keeps running and more of the long time players come back to play but at this point I don't see it happening, it would take a serious miracle. But I will keep coming back to play until the server gets shut down or it becomes to boring to play by myself.

So I hope to see all of you again sometime, and if not. It has been a pleasure concing with you guys for these fun years and for 'Raven' to have spent time and patients teaching me the ways of the conc grenade. :cool:



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First, welcome to TFC Refugees CountOfTuscany. I've seen you around and played a few games with you in the past. The thing with TFC is that it's always had it's ups and downs. With summer right around the corner it starts to get pretty dead, not to mention I think the games running it's course BUT people will always come back. I don't think the AFK issue is a result of anything. That was only one person who was removed for a few days and then unbanned as it was hindering the ability of others to enjoy and play the game.

I wish nothing but the best for ill4death and will always be welcome back to TFC Refugees with open arms as well appreciate everything hes done for the not just TFC Refugees but the community as whole. That said, as far as TFC Refugees goes. We will be here for many more years to come regardless of user base and I have no plans to shut the server down.