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    TFC Pre Beta Files 1.0

    Here are all the old TFC/HL files before Team Fortress Classic update released - 12 AUGUST 2013: -Old SSG kill Icon -Old SSG Slot Icon -Old Muzzleflash (fixes sparkly nails) -Old Shotgun and Ammo pickup sounds -Old Shotgun Shell -Old RPG/IC -Old Grenade Install ------- Put the folders in...
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    Player Name Option Fix 1.0

    Thought it was worth submitting. Installation: Put in: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\ACCOUNT NAME\team fortress classic\tfc\resource Credits: AnAkIn -Paft
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    Lag Free Nade Client Side Timer 1.0

    [Discovered this from meisteh's upload/post over at in the customization section. Altough he wasn't the first to come up with this (at least I don't think so), I don't like taking undeserved credit.] Readme Fix: I forgot to put the + in the Hold script binds. ______ About...
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    TFC Resource Backup

    So in case I die or something, could you back archivists backup my site so my work doesn't go to waste. Thanks.