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    conc_aggro 1.0

    Conc_Aggro by Penn 5 jumps forward and reverse Big big thanks to Sm0k33z for compiling for me! Another big thanks to Son Goku^vi for testing. Have fun.
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    conc_eden 1.0

    conc_eden by: penn 11 jumps with a reverse team, and some secrets to find along the way. thanks to wubs and pure for beta testing. enjoy
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    conc_songoku2 1.0

    Conc_SonGoku2 by Penn and Son Goku^vi Seven jumps with a reverse team. All jumps designed by Son Goku^vi and mapped by Penn. Enjoy!
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    conc_penn 1.0

    A map by Penn Special thanks to G-D and Adam-g1 for testing!
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    conc_kimura 1.0

    conc_kimura by penn 5 jumps forward and backwards with an airshot dm team. quick thanks to sm0k33z and son goku^vi for testing! enjoy
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    conc_vexed 1.0

    conc_vexed by penn five jumps that are pretty simple and probably boring. enjoy. thank you to son goku for the beta testing.