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5am 1.0

Title : 5:00 am (The city's empty, the sky's getting lighter, and you're wide awake)
Date : August 12th, 1999
Filename : 5am.bsp
Author : Brian McClelland
Email Address :
Description : A little more "realistic" of a city than Block War was, but smaller
in a way (there's only a little less "stuff", but it's more compact
and most areas can look onto each other. Some may like this, others not).
There may be a bit less strategic value of the specific buildings, but
it's more distributed now and there's more opportunity to remove people
from strategic points.

Other Levels By Me : A couple decent DM maps for Quake, and of course Block War for
AQ2. Oh, and I made all the crappy made-in-a-day maps for Head
Soccer also. That was a fun mod.

Additional Credits : for friendly help and testing, as well as
most of the textures. for entertaining
me with all the moron mail he gets about the Jumbot, as well as
letting me test it, and for doing a 4 hour test session on the
map from 5 am to 9 am (we basically tried to make as much blood as

Suislide for his quick replies to my filthy questions.

The authors of Actcity3 (AQ) and Wikked3 for a couple stolen graphics
(sorry, couldn't find the text files for their names).


* Play Information *

Single Player : One start for no reason
Deathmatch 2-4 : It's kinda good for small games, it adds a ton of strategy
Deathmatch 5-16 : 8 or so is fine.
Deathmatch 17-100 : MAYBE 16-20, but you just know everyone would hang out on the street
Teamplay : It's Teamplay Designed(tm) and J-Rock Enhanced(R)!
New Sound : Sort of..
New Graphics : Bunch of new textures (most by, and I made
the road and wallpaper ones and a couple others) Oh, and I stole
one from the Wikked3 .wad. Also, I liked the AQ2 Actcity 3 sky, so I
stole that too but made it a little darker.

NOTE: In case (for some odd reason) you don't have Wikked3 and the .wad
that comes with it, I incuded one that just contains the texture I used.
If you don't have it, rename it to .wad. DO NOT overwrite your current one
if you do have it.

New music : Why, yes!

* File Location Information*


But, in case my nice zip file completely fails...


* Construction *

Base : Only the "file/new" empty map that WC made for me.
Build Time : A little over a month (had to redo a few parts)
Map Info : Solids : 1540
Faces : 9408
PointEntities : 226
SolidEntities : 127
Compile Time : (P-233 MMX, 128mb)
QCSG : 99
QBSP2 : 80
VIS : 979
QRAD : 1767
Editor(s) used : Worldcraft 2.0, of course!
Known Bugs : There's this really weird bug with the sky. I put in the new sky and it
works fine, but it's too bright. Fine. I turn the gamma down a little, but
now it's upside down. I flipped everything and it's fine. So if you see
my sky upsidedown in the .TGAs and your head hurts, don't think about it.
I'm not. Also I think there's some small invisible brush bug somewhere
(though I'm not telling where it is). Maybe a few light oddities too, like
those dirty spotlights on the street not lighting up the player. Nothing
that's my fault besides, I think. If you find any, e-mail me.


* Other Info *

The framerate's pretty good until you get corpses and blood and bulletholes around. Oh well, NOT

I actually cut out part of this map. While it was good, it would just flow badly, take much
longer to complete, and remove the general strategic value (what little there is).

The button that locks and unlocks the manager booth can be pushed or shot. If some moron's inside
and you blast his face through the back of his skull, but can't open the door to get the nice shiney
handcannon, just shoot or knife the button.

You can blow out the tunnel wall from the hotel side too, just fire in the middle and the
shot will go through to hit the fire extinguisher (it's a thin wall, any shot will make it)

If the bloody bathroom is making you slow, just stab the drowned corpse apart, they add a
fair amount of polys, but I just couldn't resist putting it there.

I made the ledges dangerous on purpose. They give quite an advantage, so I needed to balance it.
Just don't go running around at 50mph, that's all.

In case you're going mad trying to find all the weapons and ammo spots, here they are.

Handcannon: Hotel lobby manager booth
Shotgun: Busted tunnel end
MP5: Fence ledge by freeway
Sniper: Crackhouse
Anaconda: Street tunnel, behind trailor

Shells: Hotel util room, alley doorway
Pistol clips: Crackhouse, Hotel back room, busted TV hotel room
MP5 clips: Bottom of hotel roof stairs, Crackhouse
Sniper: Crackhouse, hotel roof
Grenades: Crackhouse dumpster (2), Hotel roof, street tunnel on trailor
Knives: Bloody hotel room (2) (How do you think all that blood got there?)

If you enjoyed this map, or hated it, or it won't work, or you want me to kill you and your
family, please e-mail me and tell me what you think. I have the specific compile info saved
if you want, though I wouldn't know why, but tell me if you want it. I'm not one to make
sequels, though, so don't mail me telling me stuff you want to see in the next "version".
I can speak several dialects of lamerish fluently as well.

* Distribution *

Upload this wherever you want, just keep the ZIP intact.

If you like any textures in the .wad, just rip them out and do whatever the hell you want
with them. Just try to mention me ( or

If you're going to do something that involves my level earning you money, contact me. I'd
like my cut. If you do not pay me, I will be forced to burn your business to the ground.

If you're going to include this level in any kind of collection, e-mail me just so I know.

Don't modify this in any way. If a new version of AHL comes out with new stuff I need to add,
I'll probably know, and release a new version myself.
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