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5am_2 1.0

Title : 5:00 am v.2 (Just updated it to B3)
Date : July 11, 2000
Filename : 5am_2.bsp
Author : Brian McClelland
Email Address :
Description : It's just about to break on morning, the sky is no longer
black, but you're still wide awake and shooting people in
their faces. A typical day, I would guess.

A section of a city centered around one street. There's a
full hotel, an abandoned crackhouse, a large underground
street tunnel, and a partially-collapsed freeway (They
don't make them like they used to, apparantly).

Version 2 adds a secret (which I neglected before). It's
in the hotel, that's all I'll say. Well, you get to it
from in the hotel.

Other Levels By Me : Some levels for Quake 1, Quake 2, Block War for AQ2, 5am
(version 1) and Endless Rain for AHL, and a number of
crappy levels for Scientist Hunt (HL).

Additional Credits : for much help and testing, as well as most
of the textures. for the same, and for helping my
J-Rock supply grow.

Suislide for his quick replies to my filthy questions.

Rawhyde for the stolen building texture, Holy Goat for the
stolen AQ2 ActCity3 sky.


* Play Information *

Single Player : One start for no reason
Deathmatch 2-4 : It works well, more is better.
Deathmatch 5-16 : 8 or so is perfect.
Deathmatch 17-100 : Anything above 20 pushes it.
Teamplay : Yes.
New Sound : Yes.
New Graphics : Bunch of new textures (most by, and I made
the road and wallpaper ones and a couple others). That and
the stolen building texture and sky (see above).
New music : Yes. (?)

* File Location Information*


But, in case my nice zip file completely fails...


* Construction *

Base : None.
Build Time : A little over a month (had to redo a few parts)
Compile Time : P3 550 / 128mb: about an hour or something.
Editor(s) used : Worldcraft 2.x
Known Bugs : Only that the filthy sky lighting takes precedence somehow
and other sources don't seem to affect it. So you'll end
up looking dead-of-night dark blue when right in the
middle of a big circle of yellow street lighting. I have
no response.

* Other Info *

Framerate is good except it suffers a little on the street. I have been shamed to
this day.

The button that locks and unlocks the manager booth can be pushed or shot. If some
moron's inside and you blast his face through the back of his skull, but can't open
the door to get the nice shiney handcannon, just shoot or knife the button.

You can blow out the tunnel wall from the hotel side too, just fire in the middle
and the shot will go through to hit the fire extinguisher.

If the bloody bathroom is making you slow, just stab the drowned corpse apart, they
add a fair amount of polys, but I just couldn't resist putting it there.

Watch out on the ledges, they're thin.

VERSION 2: Added a 50cal on the roof of the hotel, and the M4 on the freeway. 50cal
ammo is next to MSG90 ammo wherever it appears, to save everyone trouble. M4 ammo is
by the dumpster.

If you have any comments or questions (but NOT map ideas), e-mail me.

The song in the hotel is Fish Scratch Fever by the late hide.

* Distribution *

Upload this wherever you want, just keep the ZIP intact.

If you like any textures in the .wad, just rip them out and do whatever the hell
you want with them. Just try to mention me ( or

If you're going to do something that involves my level earning you money,
contact me. I'd like my cut. If you do not pay me, I will be forced to burn your
business to the ground.

If you're going to include this level in any kind of (free) collection, e-mail me
just so I know.

Don't modify this in any way. If a new version of AHL comes out with new stuff I
need to add, I'll probably know, and release a new version myself. (I admit I was
a little late on B3)
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