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ahl_5am 1.0

Title : 5:00 am v.3
Date : December 11, 2001 (minor changes made 1/28/2002)
Filename : ahl_5am.bsp
Author : Brian McClelland
Email Address :
Description : It's just about to break on morning, the sky is no longer
black, but you're still wide awake and shooting people in
their faces. A typical day, I would guess.

A section of a city centered around one street. There's a
full hotel, an abandoned crackhouse, a large underground
street tunnel, and a partially-collapsed freeway (They
don't make them like they used to, apparantly).

This version adds a respectable secret. Not to mention the
retexturing, fixed doors, new Fish Scratch Fever clip,
new routes into, out of, and between the hotel rooms,
echoes, sky, and a new Puffy clip to those who reach it.
That's the J-pop Puffy. It still reminds me heavily of the
original and it looks a lot better, so I think it was a
good idea to revisit it. Secret notes are at the bottom.

Other Levels By Me : Some levels for Quake 1, Quake 2, Block War for AQ2, many
for AHL (so far 5am, Block War, Endless Rain, No Credit,
HDH, and whatever other versions there are of each)

Additional Credits : The degenerate people of THE SPECIAL PLACE. The other AHL
testers. Mloclam/Alice/Luke for the textures which I
used as bases for a few of my own.


* Play Information *

Single Player : Just one start
Deathmatch : Yes. 6-12 is a good player load.
Teamplay : Yes.
New Sound : Yes.
New Graphics : Yes.
New music : Yes. (?)


If it fails, check the .res file to see where everything goes.

* Construction *

Base : None.
Build Time : A little over a month (had to redo a few parts). Week or so
for the retexture and secret. And then another month.
Compile Time : P3 550 / 128mb: Three to four hours.
Editor(s) used : Worldcraft 3.x
Known Bugs : None.


* The Hidden Love *

It is the hardest one I've made so far.

You must be on a roundless mode to access it.

DO NOT try it in single player. Start a LAN game if you're going to try it alone or
you will be very sad when you die.

* * *

And now, the hints. These are all I will ever give. If you e-mail me asking for
hints or solutions, I will delete your mail and hate you forever. If you message me
in IRC, I will ban you forever (unless you are one of the few). Ask others all you
want. Post freely. Solve amongst yourselves.

To get in, try the hotel interior. However, the beginning is not IN the hotel.

To get to 7:00 is not terribly hard.

To get to the complete end requires several completely hidden and unintuitive complex
solution which in parts require two people. I have no suggestion as to how to discover

* * *

If you find either of the ways back into the real world from the secret world, DONE
the full solution and I'll.. I don't know. You'll have my respect or something. One
of the ways back is not death. And if you tell me the solution and skip anything
I'll know you cheated and hate you forever.


* Credits *

Everything is by me, except:

The mlo* textures are by mloclam.
The two art images are by WAIO (I edited slightly).
The animating spiral I tool from some optical illusion site I can't remember.
The sky is Dwell by Brenda EP.
The song on the stereo is Fish Scratch Fever by hide.
The song in the secret that you'll never get to is Swimming Pool by Puffy.


* Distribution *

Upload this wherever you want, just keep the ZIP intact.

Use my textures anywhere as long as you credit me. Use my sound clips all you want.

Naturally, no one is authorized to make any money off of anything included
within this archive without my explicit authorization.
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