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[18|0303: Transmission Begin...

Gentlemen, Your mission is to retrieve an Ancient Artifact,
known as the "Sun Sceptre".
We stand to lose alot of money if the mission isn't a success,
but as always, I have total faith in you.

I'm sorry I couldn't make it to the HQ to brief you further,
I have some rather pressing business to attend to.
However, I have uploaded most of the information you need to
the Computer so make sure you check it out before you leave.

I have arranged an initial drop of supplies such as food and
Radio equipment at your destination.

Remember, there's £10,000,000 riding on this one so I expect
to hear a positive result from you within a week.

Good Luck Gentlemen.

This Message was Written and Transmitted by Gen. Kamikaze

Transmission End... ]
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