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beerrun_r 1.0

-Welcome To Beer Run (Revised)-

Flagrun variant

Map by [WTF?]sHINMA & [WTF?]Dr_Bones


*Each team want's to host a party
for the local population to gain
votes for an upcoming election.
The problem is there's only four
kegs of beer. Gather the 4 different
kegs for your team and bring them
back to your base so you can host
the party!


*2 points for returning a keg
*5 points for securing a keg
*10 points for capturing a stolen keg

-Credits where credits is due-

*Keg models by [WTF?]Un_ethical

*Original Village Design by [WTF?]Un_ethical

*Custom signs by [WTF?]Mr-Gibs

*90% of original map design by [WTF?]Dr_Bones,
map guru extraordinaire


*This map in no way promotes the use of alcohol by anyone
not of legal age. It's sole purpose is for entertainment,
and should be viewed as such. What a sad state of affairs
that I feel I should have to add this.
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