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Christmas 1.0

Christmas plugin installation and use

Description: Admins can spawn christmas trees and throw presents to the players. When a player
picks up a present he gets a menu to chose from a couple of custom player models.

1. Unzip to youre team fortress classic folder.
2. open youre tfc\addons\amxmodx\configsplugins.ini and add a new line:

How to use:
The following commands comes with the plugin:
amx_spawnpresent = Spawns a present!
amx_spawntree = Spawns a christmas tree!
amx_remove = Removes all presents
amx_addspawnpoint = Adds a new spawnlocation to file
amx_addtreespawnpoint = Adds a new tree spawnlocation to file

The following cvars comes with the plugin (you can add these cvars to amxx.cfg and override the defaults):
sv_eastereggamount = sets how many presents you are allowed to throw (default 3)
sv_treeamount = sets how many christmass trees you will spawn when you type amx_spawntree (default 1)
sv_newpresent = setas the time before you can pick a new present (default 120.0 seconds)

MaxBrood made the original easter spawner plugin.
You can find it here:
I edited it for TFC.

If you have any problems with this plugin contact me by mail to or in irc on Quakenet in #euroskillz.
You can also visit

Have fun and hope it works for you :)

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