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conc_reactor 1.0

Conc Reactor

Welcome to the Lambda Reactor Facility. We are still recovering from
the damages of the test chamber explosion, that day. Ever since then
we've had generators shutting down at random, and half the equipment
is still offline. We have some of the equipment operational for your
use, but what is on-line has a mind of its own. We think it has
something to do with the anomaly that occurred. Since most of the
passage ways have been cut off, we have modified a few HEV suit
stations with the latest teleport technology. We almost have all
containment areas accessible using the teleporters. We're looking
forward to having all the containment systems back up and operational
with in the month. Please proceed with extreme caution and remember,
have a secure day.

SMK Map Development Team:
Would like to thank everyone involved, who helped put this level together...

Much thought went into this map. Please enjoy it. We put this map together
to encourage people that do not conc, to try it out. There are many props
to use to help you learn, We wanted this map to be fun while you are in
playing whether you are a concer or not, we have found that many people will
get frustrated with a conc map and give up or leave the server. So here
is our version of what SMK thinks a conc map should be. Most conc maps out
there are very boring to say the least, so you just might find something
about Conc Reactor that you like. The map is designed in sections. Each
section has multiple ways to use the conc, you can single or double on the
same jump. So in saying that, be resourceful, find new ways to use the conc.
If you find you can not make a particular jump, we have added climb ability
to the map for you to get past the sections you have a hard time getting.
It will get challenging when it comes to the Civilian Team we have added as
a climb only team to the map. Along with that, most people complain about
scoring in conc maps and the point of the map. Well, in that area we have laid
down a score layer to the map. Each concer will get a score for himself and
his team for finishing the map. The best score is reserved for the hard
efforts of the Civilian. The theme that was chosen. A HL single player
“Lambda Reactor Core Complex“, in order to go after the climb ability of
the map.
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