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concmap_tyrant2 1.0




This map consists of 5 very tough precision based jumps.
Pretty well rounded for detail and highly ice inspired.
As he was my inspiration to become a mapper in the first

I recommend If your new to the game or even have a
skilled foot in the ground for concing. Don't play this map.

Please take my advice and spectate the people that are good
enough to do this map. It was intended for them.

Thanks Tyrant


Special Thanks to TrojanMan For being there for my retarded
entity mapping questions and all that other bullshit.

Special Thanks to Totoro^vi great friend and is always
pushing me. Now it's my turn to push you, do the .d5| trial.

I would also like to thank the friends I have Made and the
one's that have came and gone. You know who you are.
and in case some of you who don't remember....

Myst^vi, Madcow^vi, Totoro^vi,
CaladiumX^vi, Void^vi, Crusher^vi, Necro^vi

Mule[X], Munchez[X], Tophat[X], Mk3000[x]

Psychodog123-g1, adam-g1-, h4nn3s-g1-

Fusion, Trojanman, Maverick, Genital Warfare, dnilb

and I'd like to thank Smerpy and Ricky
for always talking to me on msn.
I still have to come to france smerpy :P

and to all the others.
It's hard to remember everyone.

I would also like to say I really had trouble in the end
with this map.

As it was too detailed and I had to remove so much for it to
even compile.

I really wish I could have showed everyone what was intended
but theres always tf2 and FF coming.

And by that I don't mean a re-release I mean a new map


March 13, 2007, 9:07 P.M.

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