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CS Background Maker 3.0

Updated Version 3.0

- Added Day Of Defeat (Dod) Support
- Added Half-Life Deathmatch Support
- Added Zip Files Function

(This version uses freeware zlib.dll for compression)

Minor Bug Fixed 2.1

- Removed fm20.dll some people got module not found messages.

Updated Version 2.0

- Added Condition Zero (Cz) Support
- Added Multilanguge Support


This program changes the cs 1.6 background to whatever picture you want.
Just 3 simple steps.

0. Select Language English/Spanish

1. Locate your hl.exe file (this is the executable of cs, usually in "c:\program files\valve\"
NOTE: You only have to do it the first time you use the program.

2. Select Game Cs, Cz, Dod or Hl Deathmatch.

3. Open a bmp or jpg picture (Dont worry about size or bit colors, program does scaling and bit depth.

4. Select Ingame Resolution For The Background Picture

5. click on "Make Cs/Cz Background"

Thats all, now you can enjoy your custom background :D
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