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Deagle's Map Management 3.23

Version 3.23 of Deagles' Map Management plugin
(aka Nomination_style_voting or Deags_map_manage)


********** THIS IS AMX MOD X VERISON ONLY!! *************************


* Put the standardmaps.ini, mapstoban.ini, and mapchoice.ini files in the
<mod>\addons\amxmodx\configs directory (where <MOD> is the path to your Half-life mod)

* Compile deagsmapmanager.sma

* Put the deagsmapmanager.amxx file in the mod\addons\amxmodx\plugins\ directory,
(if using older version, file name may be different!)

* Add a line in the plugins.ini file of:
deagsmapmanager.amxx (or nomination_style_voting.amx or whatever your file name is.)

* When in-game, to see a list of commands, use command dmap_status or dmap_help in console.


******Be sure all other map chooser plugins are turned off, except for the mapmenu default plugin!******

* If you run CS 1.6, please define either these config files, or mapcycle.txt, otherwise NO VOTE WILL APPEAR
* Also, if you run Steam and/or CS 1.6, you need to put a line of

mapchangecfgfile server.cfg

in your server.cfg file! Otherwise the timelimit might not be reset every map, if the last map was extended
for a period of time.


****for all config files one map per line**All files belong in the addons/amxmodx/configs directory****
**** It is not required that you use any of the map config files, it will enhance your control over maps
if you use them*****

----mapchoice.ini------- (RECOMMENDED):
Insert maps here that will show up for the vote when all 5 nominations are not made. Maps will be randomly selected
from this file to fill up the unused Nomination slots. If you use this file, it needs to have a minimum of 10-15 maps in it,
the more the better! If you don't use this file, mapcycle.txt will be used instead, or allmaps.txt (if it exists)

----standardmaps.ini---- (RECOMMENDED):
Standard maps for the mod goes here, if this file is not created by the user, there will be no "custom" warnings
IT needs to contain at least all of the valid maps for the mod. The purpose of this standardmaps.ini file is
exactly what the purpose of the file was in BugBlatter's map plugin, the words (Custom) will be attached to all
maps in the votemenu that are not listed here

----mapstoban.ini------- (OPTIONAL):
Insert maps that users will never be able to nominate, and will never show up for a vote.
Any map that is not put here can be nominated, if it is not the last <n> maps played

----allmaps.txt--------- (OPTIONAL)
Maps in this file will show up on say "listmaps" command. If this file does not exist, the plugin will use mapcycle.txt instead.
Put all maps that are on your server in this file, even if they are not in your mapcycle

----dmaptags.ini-------- (OPTIONAL)
This file contains tags to show in the vote menu after the map name. The format
of the file is simple:

map_name Tag goes here

The tag for a map can be up to 32 characters (spaces allowed; quotes not
required). Any line starting with a semicolon will be treated as a comment.

IV) COMMAND LISTING (Version 2.40x and higher):

The vote can be rocked by say "rockthevote", depending on the cvar rtv_percent and the # of people who rockthevote

-Say Commands: (Added in 2.40)

-Admin Commands:
dmap_mapsnum <N> (Specifies how many maps will be in the next vote)
dmap_rockthevote (Rocks the vote instantly)
dmap_quietmode <OFF|NOSOUND|SILENT> (Default: OFF)(quiet mode for you people who must have silence on your server
dmap_rtvpercent <n> (Default:60)n must be from 3-100, at least this many players have to "rockthevote"
dmap_rtvplayers <n> (default:1)(n must be from 1 to 32) this many players have to rockthevote for the vote to start. Note both conditions have to be met, #players, and Percent.
dmap_rtvwait <n> (Default: 10) n must be from 5 to 30, this value is minutes before rockthevote will be accepted)
dmap_rtvtoggle (Default:ON. this will toggle on/off the ability of players to rockthevote, Note that Admins with ACCESS_MAP will still be able to use dmap_rockthevote, to manually force a vote)
dmap_banlastmaps <n> (from 0-20) this will allow admins, (like DoubleTap) to eliminate the Dust syndrome.
dmap_freeze (Default for CS: ON. this will toggle on/off freeze (only available in CS)
dmap_status (self-explanatory)
dmap_help (shows very general help)
dmap_messages <N> (Determines interval between display of messages. Default: 3 mintues)
dmap_nominations <N> (Determines maximum nominations that a user can make. Default: 3 maps)
dmap_default (sets all settings back to the default)
dmap_maxcustom <N> Sets maximum custom maps that can be nominated by all players.

--Added in 2.40

dmap_cyclemode (Disables Voting (To restore voting use dmap_votemode)
dmap_votemode (This enables voting, default)
dmap_cancelvote (cancels the rocked vote)


dmap_strict (default of 0)
* If this is set to 1, only maps in the mapcycle can be nominated for the vote

enforce_timelimit (default of 0)
* changes map STRICTLY on timelimit, when this is set to 1.

--Added in 2.40

emptymap_allowed (default of 0) (Much more stable to disable/enable the feature this way)
* To enable/disable this feature

emptymap (mapname) (by leaving blank, you disable this feature. ex: "" or "dust2")
* For whatever map you want your server to switch to when nobody is on after reading the staytime cvar

amx_staytime(in seconds)
* How long before the plugin changes the map.

amx_idletime(in hours)
* How many hours a player can be connected to the server before being considered idle.

* Enable/Disable Accepting nominations

* On aim maps and small maps, you can enable/disable "Waiting for vote to allow buying of weapons"


v3.23 - 2009-02-17 by DynamicBits
- Fixed menu vote not working in some situations
- Corrected Swedish Translation

v3.22 - 2009-01-21 by DynamicBits
- Added live voting percentages
- Added dmap_nominate command
- Added Romanian translation (Thanks to dorin2oo7 and georgik57)
- Added Russian translation (Thanks to mozart123)
- Added Brazil-Portuguese translation (Thanks to Warden)
- Added Swedish translation (Thanks to Trut)
- Fixed a handful of strings not getting localized properly
- Fixed a translation that was causing the SVC_BAD error
- Fixed several buffer overflow issues
- Many optimizations
- Updated help
- Added a bunch of comments to source code

v3.21 - 2008-09-17 by DynamicBits
- Added support for extra tags in the vote menu (See details for dmaptags.ini)
- Added two new localized strings (Only English and Polish versions are in the lang file so far)
- Fixed some multilingual code
- Fixed several mistakes in the lang file
- Formatted a few strings to better match AMX Mod X's formatting
- A few small code optimizations

v3.20 - 2008-08-15 by DynamicBits
- Fixed indentation, spacing, semicolons, argument spacing, and missing
curly braces (these things: { }) to mostly match BSD KNF style.
- Fixed return value in client_disconnect(). This may have affected any
other plugin that relied on client_disconnect().
- Added some missing return values
- Removed several sections of redundant code
- New define: DEDICATED_LOG_ENABLED allows logging to be disabled by
commenting out one line (see source).

v3.1 - 4-05-08
- Fixed issue with emptyserver portion giving errors and flooding console

v3.0 - 9-29-07
- Changed txt file for German to supposedly stop the Kicking issue that so many people are having.
- Added cvar weapon_delay to Enable/Disable "Voting for nextmap delayed to allow buying of weapons..."

v2.48 - 9-27-07
- Added command rtv in chat for quick rock the votes (client)
- Added cvar emptymap_allowed (1|0) To enable/disable this feature
- Added cvar emptymap (mapname) For whatever map you want your server to switch to when nobody is on after reading the staytime cvar
- Added cvar amx_staytime(in seconds): How long before the plugin changes the map.
- Added cvar amx_idletime(in hours): How many hours a player can be connected to the server before being considered idle.
- Added cvar nominations_allowed (Enable/Disable Accepting nominations)

-Made the code look much prettier with proper indentation.
-Removed cvar rtv_percent - Useless, when the command saves your settings

v2.47 - Changed a some code for issues occuring randomly

v2.46 - Now uses the file defined from cvar named 'mapcyclefile' and not the hardcoded mapcycle.txt, by _KaszpiR_

v2.45 - Multilingual & Cancel vote
- Multilingual by Vlad
- Cancel Vote command by Lt. Llama

v2.40 - JTP10181 - 3/12/2006
- Major code cleanup
- Added allmaps.txt generating back in and fixed it for linux
- Added support for no nominations allowed
- Fixed all admin commands to check using cmd_access

2.30b: Moved ALL config files to configs/dmap/, if the directory exists otherwise configs/

2.30: Fix so-called "hardcoded paths" and moved config files to config folder.

2.27d : Fix generation of allmaps.txt (removed.)

New in 2.27c

Fixed dmap_maxcustom <N> to allow 0 (no custom maps) in the vote. I'm not sure
why this was limited to being greater or equal to 1 in the first place (call it an oversight).

New in 2.27

Added randomization of "nextmap" when the current map being played does not exist in the server mapcycle.txt
Fixed dmap_maxcustom <N> to strictly control the maximum # of custom maps that appear in the vote
(voted or filled), so that the function does not just control the maximum number of maps that can be nominated.
Config files remain in addons/amxmodx/ directory

New in 2.20 (AMXX)

Release #3 of 2.10j, fixed bugs with strtonum() and warning messages about # arguments.
Config files need to be placed in your <mod>/amxmodx/ Folder!! (not the config folder or anywhere else)

***Added automatic generation of <mod>/amxmodx/allmaps.txt file***
-It will generate this list based on maps in your /MAPS folder, the first time you run this plugin.
Cached maps such as default maps will need to be added *manually* to this file in notepad and to the
standardmaps.ini, if the mod differs from CS 1.6.

Fixed "extra long" waits for map to change in mods other than CS.
Fixed flooding of vote menu in NS, due to the chat messages being displayed at vote time.
Fixed color hudmessage that "map will change in N seconds" when Round Mode is being used.
Changes from AMX version: NO more strtonum() or numtostr() integrated, had to make these 2 functions.
cstrike_running becomes function not variable.

New in 2.10i:
* Fixes bug with being able to nominate recent maps played.

New in 2.10h:
* All map nominations are now automatically changed to lowercase letters.

New in 2.10g:
* FIXED BUG that occured at voting time, where the recently played maps would appear in the vote if mapchoice.ini
was used for favorite map storage.

New in 2.10f:

New in version 2.10x:
* enforce_timelimit cvar, which will be included in all versions from now on.
-when set to 1, the map will change when timelimit expires, not when the last round is finished after map voting.
* dmap_maxcustom Admin command , which allows admins to control maximum TOTAL custom maps that are nominated.

NOTE: If you define custom maps in your mapcycle, more than the "max" custom can still come up for the vote.
Therefore, I suggest that if you want to control custom map nominations, that you don't declare any in your
mapcycle in the first place.

* standardmaps.ini has been "updated" to include maps that (for some bizarre reason) I forgot to add in the
first place.

New in version 2.02-2.03b:
* Fixed bug where the "nextmap" would be incorrectly set, when the last map in the "mapcycle" was being played.
* Map changes more smoothly at the end of the round, as compared to version 2.00x
* Other minor tweaks.

New in version 2.00:
* Nextmap.amx plugin is no longer required!
* Now Map change will occur only at start of the round, as to allow players to not get frustrated by mapchange during a round.
* Fixed several other things.
* Listmaps and say "listmaps" now support many maps without causing the client to disconnect.

New in version 1.80:
* Map vote will NEVER interfere with buying of weapons at start of a round!!
* HudMessages that appear incorrectly (truncated) in CS 1.6 are now displayed in Chat Area.
* Bug in CS 1.6 where Weapons Drop/Freeze would crash server is now fixed

New in Version 1.70 over versions 1.44 and lower
* added command dmap_nominations <(1-3)> to set max nominations from each player
* added command say "nominations" (seems to work good now)
* fixed rockthevote when players leave, and correct # have rocked, now vote starts correctly
* fixed say "nextmap" bug
* changed messages when user nominates a map and cancels any other person's nomination
* changed dmap_banlastmaps to allow from 0-99 maps to be banned
* added cvar dmap_strict to allow only maps that are seen by say "listmaps" to be nominated
* added command dmap_messages to change amount of time in minutes between messages
* Fixed bug where players say "vote <" and it adds an invalid map to the nomination listing.
* Fixed bug in mp_winlimit (Version 1.4.2.c)
* Changed Command dmap_quietmode to allow OFF, NOSOUND, or SILENT (version 1.5.0)
* Added Command dmap_freeze, to enable/disable freeze/weapons drop at the end of the map
* Numerous other tweaks and improvements over all other versions!
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