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dustyescape_r 1.0

Map by rSnake, March 2010

Hey Frank, good to see you again on a duty. Im sure rest of the
old crew will be here in no time. Government sent message to each
member, it seems like theres a mission for us just like in old days.
My wife was complaining, but thats nothing new. At least this job
pays well. I say i got used to it, i can even lie better than FBI
agents. Have you heard what were up to this time? Remember that
research base? yeah that one on the desert. I always wondered why
its situated so far. There were a lot of mysteries surrounding it,
that they produce some special equipments and weapons for military
but thats bullshit for sure. Anyway, contact with that base have been
lost. Most likely someone broke the main antenna or they lost a
generator. I have a feeling like we will get bored there just helping
those freaks repair their stuff. But who knows... Government chose us
because were the only people who can handle it and keep our mouths
shut. There were more boring investigations i know... but this time
it'll also be hot... It shouldnt take long, neither be hard to do.
Lets go, trucks arrived!


-You will need at least 5 players to finish the map.
-Map has two endings, depending on the result of the final battle.
-This map got own custom player models.
-In case that everyone can get crushed during train ride, doors
at that place are passable and theres additional ladder on the wall.


All beta testers:
pepsi, Sim, 3vil Waka, Balmax, SoDa, N.O.L.F, Tommi, Time Rift,
Killcr@zy, nerdlike, n3c, Poon, Sabinette, Ithu, bubbs, RADIANCE,
hughy, alex_tank, MartN, Alien, WeissberV, sexy face, Gon...

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