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erdnuckel_conc 1.0

Welcome to erdnuckel_conc, the first skillsmap for the En-funclan!
Make your way through this map by using your conc or rocketjumping skills.
The map divides into an easy and a harder way at jump 3, decide for yourself
which one to chose. If you are new to this, don't be afraid as this maps was
designed for learning about skill-jumping. :) Advanced concers/rocketjumpers
might consider this very easy, but I hope you'll have fun at least.

Visit the En-clan on #erdnuckels on quakenet!

Thx to: -the En-clan for countless hours of playing and for the fun
involved, and also for letting the server drown in loads of
concmaps that nobody plays, except me. :)

-to all my mates in the tf-scene, who are too many to name.
Keep the game alive! TFC owns all!

Map testing by Tekarun (rj) and Arab (concs)
Map made by Arab, released on Friday, June 18th 2004
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