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Foxbot Linux Server 0.77

FoxBot v0.76 For TFC


Foxbot is primarily a bot for the Half-Life mod Team Fortress Classic(AKA TFC).
The bots can build Sentry guns, capture flags, defend the base and basically
fight for victory in TFC.

There is a bit of a learning curve with the installation and configuration
of many Half-Life bots such as Foxbot.
If you have any problems please check out the documentation included and/or
the Foxbot websites(you can try the links shown at the top of this page).



1 - Installation Guide
2 - Installation Troubleshooting
3 - Other Information
4 - License Agreement
5 - Contacting the developers
6 - Credits


1 - Installation Guide

The Linux version of Foxbot supports the Linux Half-Life dedicated server only.
This means that you will need the Linux Half-Life dedicated server
installed on whatever machine you are planning on running Foxbot on.
Also you will need Metamod installed(Metamod is included in this release).

Here's how the directories for Linux Foxbot look on my machine after
I've extracted the contents of the Foxbot package into the Half-Life
dedicated server directory:

/home/rix/ (my home directory)
/home/rix/hlds_l/ (the main directory for the Linux dedicated server)
/home/rix/hlds_l/tfc/ (the main directory for the TFC mod)
/home/rix/hlds_l/tfc/addons/metamod/ (the Metamod directory and it's contents)
/home/rix/hlds_l/tfc/addons/foxbot/ (the main Foxbot directory and it's contents)

In the main Metamod directory shown above there is a text file called
plugins.ini. It contains this line which tells Metamod where the Foxbot
library file is located:
linux ../tfc/addons/foxbot/


2 - Installation Troubleshooting

If you are sure you've installed the Foxbot files in the right places,
but are still not seeing any bots then here are some things you can try.

In the main tfc directory is a text file called liblist.gam which
Half-Life uses in order to run mods such as Metamod, and Foxbot.
If it contains the line:

gamedll_linux "dlls/"

Then you should replace it with these two lines:

gamedll_linux "addons/metamod/dlls/"
//gamedll_linux "dlls/"

If you get a badf load error then it means that Metamod could not find
the Foxbot dll file with the path specified in plugin.ini.
plugin.ini is located in the tfc\addons\metamod directory.
If you open plugin.ini you'll probably see a line such as:

linux ../tfc/addons/foxbot/

You can then check that this line is pointing out the right location of
the Foxbot.dll on your machine.

There is also more detailed information on Foxbot installation in the included
HTML help files.


3 - Other Information

Some tricks with FoxBot's file system.
Simply renaming a folder in the mods folder will disable that function.
Don't want to edit 50 bot config files to take out all the addbots commands?
Just rename the config folder to configs_ and they will be ignored.

If you have any other questions you can check out the HTML help included
as well.


4 - License Agreement

FoxBot is programmed and headed by Redfox.
Redfox takes no responsibility of any damage that may occurs because
of FoxBot on your computer (hasn't happened before).
FoxBot comes with no guaranteed support or warranty of any kind.
FoxBot is free under this agreement

- You may distribute FoxBot on a retail CD with proper recognition
but contact us, we want to know!
- You can not attempt to de-compile FoxBot or deface it in any manner.
- You can not try to disguise FoxBot and pass it as your own.
- You can not hold any staff member liable for ANY damage FoxBot may cause.
- You can not sell or make a profit off of FoxBot.


5 - Contacting the developers

Email: if you have any questions.
FoxBot's website:
FoxBot's Forums:

You may find that the Foxbot website listed above is a bit inactive so a new
download area for the latest Foxbot releases, and a Foxbot forum can also be
found at the Omni-bot website:


6 - Credits

Foxbot has been developed by:

Tom, Aka RedFox
Jordan, Aka FURY
Jeremy, Aka DrEvil
Paul, Aka GoaT_RopeR
Richard, Aka Zybby

Thanks go to the Omni-bot developers for giving Foxbot a new home,
and to the Foxbot forum users for feedback and support.
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