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Foxbot Windows Server 0.77


NOTE: You should install to the directory before the main \tfc\ directory.
For example if, your Half-Life TFC directory looks like this:
Then you should install to:

When you install, these files and directories will be overwritten if they already exist:

If you have an older copy of Foxbot installed then you should probably
delete/uninstall it before installing this release.



- Used a different compiler to create the Windows version.
Hopefully this will resolve a particular 'badf' load error some people have
been experiencing.

- The bot behaviour code has been re-written to allow for more advanced behaviour.
The bots can now multitask by keeping track of a number of jobs that they
currently want to do and prioritising which job they think is the most important.

- Medic and Engineer bots can now navigate via waypoints to a more distant ally
that they want to heal/repair.

- The bots can now wait for a Medic to reach them if they call for one.

- Fixed a problem where the bots didn't know they were still infected if the medic
who infected them then changed to a new class.

- Snipers can now stop and begin charging their rifles just before moving into
a sniper waypoint.

- Demomen bots can now use the Pipebomb Launcher as a normal combat weapon.

- Demomen wont detpack a waypoint if they arrive and find a detpack there already
or can see that it has been detpacked already.

- Bot Engineers can now volunteer to play offense or defense on their teams.

- Bots on defense can now patrol from defense waypoint to defense waypoint.

- The bots can now guard a flag that an opposing team has dropped.
They can also report it's location if they know the area.

- Bots of skill 1, 2 and 3 will now try to find somewhere to surface and breathe if
they start drowning.

- The hunted can go look for the last seen ally if he is alone.
He can also open the exit garage doors to let himself out.

- Intimidated bots can hide out of sight of an enemy and then wait a short while
for allies to come along.

- The bots can tell when a grenade has ceased to be a threat if they were avoiding it.

- The bots can now escort or pursue players they can't see by making predictions
about where to find them.

- The bots have a better understanding of how high they can concussion or rocket jump.
They also check for low ceilings, and can detect rocket/concussion jump waypoints better.

- If not facing a jump waypoint fully then the bots will pause until they're
ready to jump.

- When climbing ladders the bots check their height more precisely compared
with their next waypoint. i.e. they climb ladders more accurately.
They also try to prevent ladder traffic jams by jumping off before they occur.

- Bot navigation has been improved when they are fighting underwater.

- The Bots are better at recognising when they have fallen off of a ledge.

- Fixed a few problems when the bots try to use lifts.

- The bots can react to footstep sounds if footsteps are active on the server.

- Each bot has a memory for a maximum of three different Teleporter pairs at any one time.
First they can test any Teleporters they find to see where they go,
afterwards they can use them as shortcuts to destinations.

- The bots can now attack any enemy owned Teleporters they find.

- The bots can now attack any breakable items they come across.

- The bots will throw grenades more directly at the last known enemy position,
and will not twitch any more if throwing an uneeded grenade away.

- The bots crouch when they are just above their target so that their
close combat weapons can reach.

- Engineers will detonate their Teleporters if the waypoints they built them
at are no longer available(because of a map script).

- Updated the counter-classing code. Bots can choose certain classes if
those classes aren't on their team and they are getting killed by a player
who has a significantly better score than they do.
They may try to counter-class high scoring Snipers with Snipers or HW Guys,
Engineers with Spies, and Medics with Medics(to counter infection).

- Fixed a bug where two or more bots could end up with the same name even though
there were more than enough unique names available.

- New config setting: bot_allow_moods (0 - 1)
When set active each bot can have a randomly assigned set of personality
characteristics. Turn this off if you want all the bots to have the same
average personality profile.

- New config setting: bot_allow_humour (0 - 1)
When this is active the bots are allowed to go a bit crazy occasionally and
do fun stuff that probably wont help them win the game.

- New bot personality trait/mood.
Humour. i.e. how willing the bot is to do something daft to lighten the moment.

- New bot personality trait/mood.
More aggressive bots are less likely to back out of a fight, and more
likely to pursue enemies if they think they have the upper hand.
Low aggression bots are more cautious of enemies.

- New personality trait/mood: fairplay.
The higher this trait is the more likely the bot is to play honorably.
For example:
1. A more honorable bot is more likely to join a team that has the fewest
2. A more honorable bot is more likely to switch teams if bot_team_balance
is switched off and the teams become unbalanced.

- New behaviour that may trigger if bot_allow_humour is active.
Individual bots may decide to go on the rampage with just close combat
weapons if they haven't seen any enemies for a while.

- New behaviour that may trigger if bot_allow_humour is active.
The bots can choose to go and spray a nearby wall if they haven't seen
any enemies for a while.

- New console command: spectate_debug (0 - 4)
This command has been created primarily for Foxbot development purposes.
When this is active a hosting human spectator(on a listen server) who comes really
close to a bot will trigger detailed debug messages about it's behaviour.

- Updated the bot chat system and the bot chat file.
Chat section headers are now enclosed by these symbols - '[' and ']'
The chat sections can also appear in any order.
Older Foxbot chat files are not compatible with this release(easy to convert though).

- A new pair of bot settings have been added.
bot_skill_1_aim and bot_aim_per_skill.
When used together you can set the accuracy levels for all bot skill levels.
Please see the foxbot.cfg or bot documentation for information on how they operate.

- Bot accuracy is now less twitchy and more human-like in style.

- Fixed the pause config setting(the delay before bots join the server).
Now it works as documented.

- New config setting: bot_create_interval.
This setting governs the delay between spawning one bot and the next
when the server is being automatically filled with bots.

- New bot setting added: bot_total_varies.
This setting can be used to help simulate playing TFC online.
When it is active the number of bots on the server will fluctuate from
min_bots to max_bots randomly.

- Different bots now prefer different classes which means:
1. If team balance is switched off then the bots may pick teams based
upon what classes each team offers.
2. A bot that is allowed to change class may play longer with a class
it prefers.

- bot_can_build_teleporter and bot_can_use_teleporter now work as server commands
for all server types.

- Fixed a waypoint editing bug where the script number flags for a waypoint weren't
being cleared when the waypoint was deleted. (this bug appeared in Foxbot 0.76)

- The 'locate_waypoint' command now provides information about the height and distance
of the waypoint relative to the host player on a listen server.
Also it will give the route distance from the nearest waypoint if possible.

- More waypoint file fixes and tweaks for the standard maps.
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