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Mapping: -=KAMIKAZE UK=-

Textures: Sock

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NOTE: LCT Technology ( see below ) prevents
damage from the same versions of clothes however
the updated version can be penetrated by teams
using older versions and vica versa.
This means that you must watch your fire.
The Demo can hurt the Medics,
and the medics can hurt the Demo therefore
the Demo cannot assist your jumps without killing

SAS Demoman:
You have been sent in to Rescue our Team
of Medics from the enemy.
Assist them wherever necessary.
You must work as a Team to reach the Rendezvous
point, as our scanners indicate difficult
obstacles where you will have to decide
who will be able to overcome them.

We are now using an updated form of LCT
( Lightweight Combat Technology ) in your clothes
which means they will administer Medical care
when needed, repair broken armour and our
teleportation technology allows us to resupply
you with any ammunition or explosives you may need.

Your Glasses will allow you to see areas where you
must set explosives. These areas will also activate
our Resupply technology, as mentioned above.
The areas are indicated by a red target.

Note that there is a 3 second delay between Restock
Transferral as we have to reconfigure our systems.

You must wait for our Demolitions Expert to
come and access the holding area which will allow
you to escape.
Once he has destroyed the main Power Generator,
the explosion should weaken your cell bars, which means
you can destroy them yourselves.
He will assist you whenever necessary, however there
will be points where your manouvering expertise
will be required to proceed.


He will be an essential Element to your escape.
He will lead you to the Rendezvous Point.

Once our Demoman has reached you, a sensor in his
LCT suit will transfer updates to your LCT suits.
This will equip you with the same technology as his,
with a few alterations.
This update will enable your suit to administer Medical care
when needed, repair broken armour and resupply your ammunition.

To activate this feature, you will need to be in range of our
These areas are represented by a Red target.

Note that there is a 3 second delay between Restock
Transferral as we have to reconfigure our systems.

Background Story
During a previous top-secret mission, our team of highly skilled
Medics were captured by the enemy.
Their manouvering skills were required to navigate the hazardous
terrain, however they were intercepted before they could reach
their destination.

Following their capture, the enemy has had to flee the base as
they have discovered our plans to nuke it.
We did not realise that our team were captured, and we cannot
cancel the airstrike. This is where you come in.

You are one of our elite. Your expertise with explosives
and unusual immunity to explosions has made you ideal
for this mission.

You and your team will experience bizarre environments
during this mission, as the enemy was previously working
on "Transportation via Warping technology".
This has created areas where you *may* experience random
teleportations to different areas.
Our Sources also indicate that Entire Areas of National Importance
have mysteriously gone missing from several countries across
the globe. This is beleived to be a result of the random
teleportation phenomena.

Their errors have drastically changed parts of the world
already, and you may come across areas that are totally
out of place which may have originated from a different country
or culture entirely.

Once our Airstrike is within 5 minutes of it's target, you and
your team will be notified. Just make sure you are out of the base
by that time.
Once we have dropped you off, you will have 45 minutes to complete
the mission.

Don't worry if you are not too far away from the base when the nuke
goes off. Our nuclear implosion technology will only destroy
anything in a predetermined blast radius. The current radius only
extends to the outskirts of the base.

You and you team will then be picked up by our team, providing
everyone escapes. That is all. Good luck and God Speed.

"Who Dares, Wins"

General Kamikaze


Mapper's Note: I decided that neither team should have allies
as the Demoman could easily pipe the Medics up jumps.
This would ruin the difficulty of the map, and the objectives.
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