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multiskillz2 1.0

Multiskillz 2 - The Crood Complex -

Map made by Hea|)z

Custom Textures made by me and mixter
from the Croodlabs Team

Vocals by Mixter

Just a quick note this map is designed to be completed
by the intermediate skilled player but enjoyed by all,
I had to delete the 2nd conc zone and half the rocket
zone because HL caused an error Allocblock:full :(
and had to scale up all the textures untill it played

End map choon taken from the exellent set by DJ eXtreme's
smooth grooves vol 3 (oi eXtreme whens vol 4 out m8:D )

If Valve announce that HL2 is gonna be set back again
then hold your positionz for Multiskillz3!!!

General bigups:- #3uro-n00bz on quakenet (where you can find
me), Banzaimaps, Concs-r-us, eSporthalle (hey Joe you have
a logo in this map:P ) ,conkuh, Jobabob (for inspiring me to map)
and being of general help, Kami for his scary but likable
comunity and last but most definatly not least ULY from
Mazedivision for being the main tester thoughout productionz

Did I mention there is 1 secret:)

Have Fun and see you in HL2
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