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multiskillz_r 1.0

Map made by Headz

Ive released multiskillz_r because the pipe
launcher I put in multiskillz dident spawn,
(well thats what I thought) but I picked it up
at the end jump, and it were invisable on the
floor and works fine, so Ive made a pipe zone
and a couple of alterations to the map

Ive reached the maxium size map that HL will
allow so cant squeeze anymore in

The first ever multi skillz map for 1 class
You start out as scout and progress by using
caltrops -

Then a power jumping area that leads to the
towers of doom (where you must reach the teleport)

Teleport takes you to the rocket jumping zone

After parsing the rjump area your find yourself in
the conc zone where you will navigate to the
Pipe Zone.

There are 4 legomen dotted around the early stages
that when picked up you will adopt the skin.


Thx to and their members,
Kami, Jobabob, Fishy, for mapping tips 'n' tricks

2 textures used from Kamis artifact map (hope you dont
mind m8), green wall and grass:) other textures Ive
found or made and converted into wads

TESTERS: in alphabetical order

Elfy - Milky - .Net Distruptor. - Sparkz -
Ulyage - Weedo - Yodz (oh and (1)player
that dl the map from server and got to jump
3 then quit) If ive missed anyone then soz for my other maps

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