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n00b_climb2_r 1.0

= N00B_CLIMB2 BY [FM]BooHooY[P3D] =

Weclome to my new Map n00b_climb2 as you know i made n00b_climb_r2 which was pretty
lameass map and hard for n00bs :? Now i have made this which is harder i think. not
to me it aint. anyway there are hidden secrets in this map found them if ya can :p

Bugs and shit far as i kn0w there is none but if there are some i will make a r version.

Thanks to [FM]Gebhel for letting me use his server for beta tests. good old days

and thanks to THE DEVIL for uploading my map to his server for testing. :D

main Tester =

[FM]Evo Vll
[P3D]Stars Barry

and the rest you know who u are :P #[P3D] [#FM]

and me allso can be found on #[FM] as captain Reboot

Cheers EJ

r version fixed a few bugs hopefuly added new music. had to tune it down abit so might sound low
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