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nightshift_r 1.0

03/06/2139 AD

The lonliest shift of them all.
All those bigshot scientists never even have to worry
about maintining the underbelly of this huge facility.
But we do.
And guess what ?

We don't even know what goes on in here.

"...By signing this contract you agree that if anything
happens to you [the employee] as a result of an event in
the [facility], we will deny all knowledge of your

First day back on the job.
Woke up from my standard issue bunk with the stench of
instant coffee reeling around my pounding head.
The others are up and getting ready.

The Black mist has really set in outside, according to the
voice blaring out of the crackly P.A.
When will someone discover a way to clear this nuclear winter ?
Stuck in this concrete and metal prison with the temperatures
outside reaching into the -100's, there's just no way out.
It'd be funny to see what people would do in a real emergency.

When their lives depended on escaping.

Why in hell did I take this "job" ?
Oh yeah. The pay's good.
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