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Noclip & Godmode 1.0

amx_noclip <target> - allows you to set noclip on the target client
amx_godmode <target> - allows you to set godmode on the target client

- Repeat the command to disable
- It automatically detects whether you have noclip/godmode already enabled on you so no need for the normal 1/0 after the target.
- Default access is ADMIN_BAN, so basically anyone with access to amx_ban will beable to use these commands.

How to install:
- Find your plugins.ini in your config folder (addons/amxmodx/configs/plugins.ini) open it in notepad and type cheat.amxx
- Click "get plugin" below and place the cheat.amxx in your plugins folder (addons/amxmodx/plugins/)


Orignally made this script when i wanted to test my maps. Before everyone says its been done before, id like to point out that when i searched i could only find noclip/godmode commands bunched together with bigger scripts like adminmodx and super everything you need etc.

Obviously if the script isnt needed fair enough scrap it rather than flame me, before i posted this i did a search on the plugins page and the forums and couldnt find any standalone plugin like it. Remember not everyone wants to install big scripts with things that they will never use or are not compatable with their mod.
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