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op_overlord_1_beta2 Beta 2.0

Operation Overlord BETA VERSION 2
Cap point 1 - Capture, Attack & Defend
-- op_overlord_1_beta2.bsp --


Parajump from your plane to the sea front.
Use the grappling hooks by the sea wall and climb
up to access the enemy base.
Once inside, retrieve the larger grappling hook
and place it at the marked spot.
Use this to gain access to the 2 sea batteries
and use a detpack to destroy them, making
way for the d-day landings!

Protect the grappling hook inside your base with
any means necessary.
If the situation is compromised, fall back to the
upper levels of the base and protect the sea
batteries at all cost!

Other Notes:
Grappler carriers drop the grappler when they die.
Dropped grappler returns to AXIS Base after
50 seconds.

The grapplers might not correctly sync up in play
and can repeat their animation.
This is a KNOWN BUG and will be fixed, if possible,

By: Jobabob (c) 2003
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