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sc5x_bonus_beta2 Beta 2.0


Important Changes list
This list applies to sc5x_bonus_beta2
1. made red door faster
2. no soldier, demoman, pyro or random
3. reds cannot enter captured room
3a. moved the captured room opposite the spawn
4. implemented alternate round-based area blocking system

Map Info
5. limited seeker to 1 person

Each Round Lasts 5 Minutes before it resets.

Stay hidden for as Long as you can.

Find the Hiders.

The Captured Room:
When a Hider is found, they go to the Captured Room.
Once Captured you cannot re-join the round unless another Hider
sets you free.


General Hiding Tips:
Keep Moving.
Moving from one spot to another as often as possible decreases
your chances of getting caught !

Use your imagination.
A lot of good hiding places can be found by good observation and
some clever jumping.
You aren't limited to the obvious places.

You can "hang" from the ledges of Exposed Vents.
This allows you to "shimmy" to otherwise inaccessable places.

Shadows are your friend.
Several Lights around the City can be turned off and on.
There are also many Dark Areas around the City.


Map by Kami


Beta Info:
I don't normally release beta versions of my maps to the public,
but this map got such a good reception when it was tested i felt i
had to share it with everyone who supports my work.
I am still trying to implement a Point System that gives out points
to Blue Team Members, but so far it has proven to be incredibly buggy
and ruins the whole experience of the map.

The Point System will be implemented in the final version of this Map.

Check out for the latest info on this Map
and all my other Maps.
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