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sectore 1.0

Map by rSnake, June 2011

You are a delivery team employed with a special mark in your contract
not to ask any questions.

Your job is to deliver goods to an undisclosed facility, the purpose
of the facility and the contents of your deliveries are unknown to you.

One day as you're unloading the usual goods in the courtyard, you find
it strange that the crane operator is absent, and that there is a crate blocking the passage into the building.

A moment ago you saw a military helicopter fly by, which by the looks
of it was heading for the north entrance.

You know from past deliveries that due to tight security the doors
behind you get locked during the unloading phase. Right now there is
no way out.

Will you find out the real purpose of the facility? And why there all
of a sudden is a cascade of strange events hapenning around you?

You feel scared, but you know the best thing to do is stick together
and try to somehow escape the facility safely.

Now, lets not waste any more time, the crane operator room seems like
a good place to start!


Recommended: You will need at least 3-4 players to beat the whole map.


Betatesters: AbSiNtHbAd, Larry, teh OR!ON, n3c, Desta, Balmax, Sim,
Tommi, Trance, Pizza Supreme, Hopeapullaaaa, Raul...

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