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splatterfortress 1.0


Mapped by Dougie;
Plugins, coding, and models by teh ORiON;
Mapping assistance from rSnake;
Testing by many, including Leon, Sslady,
Sim, alex_tank, Sabinette, Nyro, and all
others of [FM]!

STORY: You and your girlfriend, Jen,
were hiking an old trail when a terrible
storm appeared out of nowhere. You both
ran to an old, abandoned mansion, but you
quickly found you weren't alone in the
pitch black mansion...

The front doors mysteriously slammed shut,
followed by the sound of Jen screaming in
terror. The next thing you knew, you were
on the ground, dying in a pool of your own
blood. A large, unholy monster pulled Jen
deep into the mansion...

But your subconcious cries for help were
not unanswered. A mysterious mask appeared,
floating next to your lifeless body. It
made you a deal. It healed your wounds,
and regenerated your limbs. It gave you a
superhuman strength. The cost, you may
wonder? Maybe you should play the
Splatterhouse videogames and get the real
story... ;)

Thanks to everyone who directly and
indirectly contributed to the map,
including people who made maps I may have
taken map files from!
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