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supermonkeyball 1.0

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Description: Fun style map with 16
areas. Try to get to goal of each
stage as the civilian without
falling off the stages. There may
be hidden warps to help skip a few
stages but your have to find them
yourself. You don't return to start
if u fall in levels. You start in
the one you were in.

At the end, your appear in a room
with a working stargate from the
hit tv show Stargate SG1. Travels
to a fun areas, and areas 5, 9, and
13 in the level. Each with it's own
dialing symbol coordinates. Fun room
has 4 radios each playing a song.
5th to turn off/on overworld music
and a comp. to turn on a tp that
leads to start and stays on until
turned back off. it's 2-way. You
can help someone get to fun area this
way if their having trouble with map.
Also a maze with extras at end. Enjoy.
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