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tams_quad_r 1.0

My 2nd tfc skill map after a long period of laziness :P

This map has 5 (+1 secret) jumps of medium difficulty.

Team Difficulty:

Quad ~ 75
Quater ~ 88 (Only 4 rockets per jump)
Conc ~ 100+ (Pretty doable except for the 4th jump)

Select team lets you choose the jump, but only after someone gets to the final jump.

I tried to raise up the bar in terms of jump detail in this one,
giving each jump an unique look and a different challenge (sorry for the highpoly count Gnu! :p).

Special thanks to Gnu!, Sim and Groovy for the assistance!!!
Also thanks to Pizza Supreme and all my friends and Beta testers for the support.
Check the CREDITS in the end for extra info.

tamonte 2012

Main changes in this _r version:

* Reduced number of ents (playable at SkillzWorld now!)
* Fixed jump 4 shortcut (stupid precise clip type!)
* oh, and, you can now have a bath in the tube, without having to spend your life stuck in it!
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