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Teleportation Facilities 1.8


bahrmanou -

This plugin was written for TFC, but could be useful for other mods too :)

The goal of this plugin is to facilitate teleporting. It is specially useful in cooperative maps,
concjumps and pipejumps maps where it can be very frustrating for players to die after long and
hard work...

Teleporting is handled in two ways :

a) Any player can ask to remember his position in the map, then later he can ask to be teleported
to this point. For this to work, global teleporting must have been allowed ('amx_tpallow':
enabled by default) and user teleporting must have been allowed ('amx_tpallowuser': enabled
when the player connect).

Commands :
say saveme Saves current position
say /s Idem
say posme Teleport to saved position (see 'Teleport allowing')
say /p Idem
say saveme2 Saves current position (2nd)
say posme2 Teleport to 2nd saved position (see 'Teleport allowing')
say /stats Displays checkpoint stats.
say /teleport_version Displays plugin version.

b) Admins or at least players with permission level ACCESS_TELEPORT have access to a table of
positions ('slots'). They can add or replace positions in this table in the way they like.
Finally, they can save the table on disk and reload it when required. By default, the table
contains 40 slots maximum and will be saved in folder 'amxmodx/configs/pos/'.

Commands :

Teleport allowing:
amx_tpallow [flag] Global teleporting flag.
If no flag is given, get current status.
If OFF, users cannot teleport themselves.
By default, posallow is <ON>.

amx_tpallowuser [#user] [flag] User teleporting flag.
If no flag is given, get current status of
player. For a user to be able to teleport
himself, set posallow to <ON> AND posallowuser
(for that particular user) to <ON>.
By default, all users are <ON>.

amx_tpdelay [delay] Set delay users must wait between two 'posme'.
If no delay is given, get the delay status.
If delay==0, set delay <OFF>, that is users
can teleport themselves at any moment.
(by default, delay is set to 5 secs).

amx_tpeffect <n> Change teleportation effect (1-6).
If n == 0 or n > 6, effect is random.

Table relatives:

amx_tp [<#user> [#slot]] Teleport user to the position in the slot.

amx_tpadd [#user] Add a slot to the end of the table.

amx_tpempty Empty the slot table.

amx_tplist Display the slot table in console.

amx_tpload Load the table in memory.

amx_tpmem <#user> <#slot> Replace the slot in the table by the user position.

amx_tpname <#slot> [name] Name the slot in the table.
'name' can be any text.

amx_tpcopy <user> <target> Copy the user position to target.

amx_tpsave Save the table on disk.


amx_tpdelay [delay] Set a delay between 2 posme (0 = OFF).

amx_tpstack [user] Stack player(s) on you.

amx_tpgo <target> <x> <y> <z> Teleport target to coordinates.

amx_tpaim <user> Send user where im looking.

amx_tpcopy <#user1> <#user2> Copy user1 saved position to user2.
User2 have to say 'posme' to be teleported
to this position.

amx_tpsend <#user1> <#user2> Send directly user1 to the current user2 position.

amx_tpinfo Display the current position coordinates.

(NOTE: 'flag' here mean the strings 'on', 'off', '0' or '1').

g_cvteleport 0/1 - Global teleporting flag On/Off.
g_cvteleport_effect 0-6 - Special effect while being teleported.

g_cvunstuck 0/1 - Automatic unstucking On/Off.
g_cvunstuck_effect 0/1 - Automatic unstucking effect On/Off.

Map change:
If a table already exists for the current map, it will be loaded automatically at map change.
By default, teleportation is enabled for common users.
If you want to disable the teleportation for certain maps, go in your server folder and edit/create
the file maps\<mapname>.cfg
In the end of file, add the following line:

amx_teleport 0

The say commands will then be disabled.

For comments or suggestions, please email me at

Thanks to:
1. Amxmodx team...
2. NL)Ramon(NL for his auto-unstucking plugin, which I include here.

1.3 First AmxmodX public release. Port from my Adminmod teleport_plugin.
1.3.1 Some bug fixes related to slot table.
1.4 When a player teleport, the viewing angles are now saved as well as the position.
The velocity is now set to 0.0 prior to the teleportation.
The default delay between two posme's is now 2 secs. (it was 5 secs. before)
1.4.1 Viewing angles fixed
1.4.2 Removed 'youre not really stuck' bit, didnt work
1.4.3 Replaced client_print(..print_console,..) by console_print()
1.4.4 Added /l command
Added /stats command
1.5 Added support for speedrun mode (skillsrank by NL)Ramon(NL), modified by me)
1.6 Added plugin_cfg() which restart cvars for each map.
1.7 Added amx_tpaim
1.7.1 Cannot save position while in noclip mode
1.7.2 Delay for destuckme as for posme
1.8 New unstuck method thx to NL)Ramon(NL !
No more need of destuckme!
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