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tetris_run_beta3 Beta 3.0

Map by rSnake, April 2011

Everyone know what Tetris is. We also know what the_challenge is.
The combination of two, this map, brings up back memories and
the awesome style of challenge gameplay. So basically, two teams
racing through many rooms filled with traps and small tasks to
complete, the first to reach the end wins. Winners can choose
either to fight withe final boss alone or togethe with the other
team that lost. All over the map you can find so called Upgrades.
Find out where are they located and how do they work.


Recommended: 4 players to make the game fair. At least 2 players
on each team to finish the map.

For those who play alone; This map is also possible with 2 skilled

-Collect the upgrades, they might help you in various situations.
-When voting for boss fight, be nice, remember that if the server is
full, others would be glad to take part in the final event aswell.
-It is possible to distract the turret standing behind one of
boss' legs so other players can destroy it faster.
-Pay attention to the posters on wall, they tell you how the tetris
blocks work and what to shoot in what order, at the final room.
-Music may not play to players who will join after the game has began,
this might be fixed in final version.


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