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thegame2008 1.0

The Game (2008)
Map by corpsebandit

Part One (of Two)


A top secret research facility nestled in the
Mariana Trench, more than eleven kilometers beneath
the Pacific Ocean. The year is 1968.

Fresh out of MIT you were chosen by the government
and given work contracts for six months.

Your secondary job is to maintain the pelagic facility's
electrical and mechanical operations and to recycle
failed anomolous materials. Your primary job is to
not ask questions.

Welcome back to the Game.


Survivors Notes:
1. Three or four players are required to complete this map.


Major Updates:
1. Map split into two BSPs to allow for greater detail
and additional content.
2. Weapon strips attached to spawns.
3. A minimum of 3-4 players now required so that the
FM community can feel more involved.
4. Some puzzles made more difficult, some easier.
5. Bug fixes (freezer bug, spawn bug hopefully).
6. Secrets.
7. Still no boss. Get over it.
8. Random obstacle generator (three variations).


Known Glitches:
1. When there are a lot of players some people will
occasionally spawn in the introductory submarine.
Just kill yourself. Technically players will spawn
in all sorts of wrong places, but I've a teleportation
system set up as a failsafe.


Map created by Brandon James, aka corpsebandit.

Other maps by author: jumperz, jumperctf, suicidals, driver_tfc,
thegame, k_concmap, k_sniperwar, k_thegame, k_thegame2_r, k_soldier,
k_hostile, concmap_ml.

Thanks to:
- StoneFrog for bringing me back to TFC after a five year hiatus, for
his invaluable assistance and advice throughout the project, and for
making the three North Wing sign textures.
- My beta testers StoneFrog, 3vil-Go0fy, hughy, t3h1337idiot, Foxtrot,
Dougie, prato, pepsi, Maxtecno3, Starlight, Wings, Elite Soldier, Dizlin,
and everyone who showedup for the initial [FM] beta tests for their time,
feedback and patience.
- The [FM] FeckinMad TFC fun server and forums for their help and support.
- Pepsi for letting me use his Friendly Games server.
- Prato for letting me use his server.
- All the mappers who kept the Escape genre alive over the years.
- Music is by Cliff Martinez.
- See maps/thegame2008_info.txt for more.
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