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thetitanic 1.0

Titanic, Part 1 of 2
by rSnake

Action takes place in April 1912 during the maiden voyage of the
largest at that time steamer - Titanic. Ship strikes an iceberg at
23:40 on 14th April. You and your colleagues work as the ship crew
deep below the decks in a hot, steamy and dusty boiler room.
Sorting up the coal, 'feeding' boilers... when suddenly the whole
ship starts shaking, water gets in, some boilers blow up and the
watertight doors are closing. You have to fight for your life,
escape from the sinking ship.

Important notes:
It should be possible to finish first part with at least 2 persons
and second part with at least 3. Also keep in mind that some of
the places or rooms could never existed in real or be way different.

Many of the interior and exterior parts are based on the movie,
wikipedia and a model of the ship, which i own.

Have fun playing the map!
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