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Ye Tavern - Assault and Protect

By: BoX (
Released: 2005

For: All TFC players, the inspiration came from input by players at Axl's TFC servers for something different.

Ye Tavern consists of two rounds of play, then the map ends.

In round 1 the drunks assault and the alcoholics protect.
In round 2 the roles are reversed.

Assaulters Objective: To invade Ye Tavern, under control by the enemy. Search for their keg of ale, and destroy it. This will return control of Ye Tavern to your team.

Protectors Objective: To defend your keg of ale from the attack of the assaulting team. The keg is located on the upper floor of Ye Tavern.

Scoring: Destroy enemy's keg - 15 points.
Defending your keg - 1 point per 15 seconds.

Supplies: Assaulting team - Supplies are hidden throughout map, mostly along the assault routes.
Protecting team - Supplies are located at key defense points.
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