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skayoo_b3 Beta 3.0

skayoo_b3 - Base Takeover

Created By: Trepid Mapping

Primary Objective:
- Upload stolen Source Code from the enemy
computer lab to your lab's Source Code computer

Secondary Objective:
- Use the enemy Access Card to tamper with
the enemy computers and take over their base

Major Methods of Taking Over:
- Hack the enemy doors
- Enable teleportation to the enemy base
- Move the enemy respawn to the yard

Minor Methods of Taking Over:
- Hack the enemy stank
- Hack the enemy lasers
- Block the enemy respawn packs
- Close the enemy windows

- 10 points for uploading Source Code
- 10 points for each major method of taking over
- 5 points for each minor method of taking over
- 5 points for returning your Access Card

Additional Notes:
- Use your Boot Disk to reboot hacked computers
- Dropped Boot Disk auto-returns after 10 seconds
- Dropped Source Code auto-returns after 60 seconds
- Dropped Access Card auto-returns after 60 seconds
- Touch your team's dropped Access Card to manually
return it before the 60 second auto-return
- The Control Center is all powerful
- Beware the Devil

Thanks to the following people for the custom models:
- Unfor
- Dragline
- Nine
- Senor
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