Hi My Name is Snooze Solf

Snooze Solf

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Eh I like to Play TFC, Mostly Battlefield Games, and Pretty much Runescape Private Servers.

There's not really much to tell.

Well My name is Andrew for short.

I've got another name, but I'll keep it as Snooze Solf

I don't use it much but, it's been taken quite well by other players :<

Pikachu. Oh I used this name quite much in Counter-strike 1.6, Counter-strike Source, Counter-strike Dedi. Day of Defeat, TFC, BackGammon Online, Poker Stars Online, Bingo Online, Hell Hath No Fury.

Sorry. Went off Topic.

Thanks for letting me join your forums and site. I thee Solf Bid Farewell.