Map of the Month and other joint ventures

I know that Pizza Supreme and some others have been trying to contribute a jump per month and release the map at the end of the month. Sounds awesome! Would nyone be interested in doing more of these ventures? Granted im new to mapping altogether, but i have a vivid imagination and a desire to make it happen. Collaborating with other players is what its all about imo....could even do types/levels of maps. Strict difficulty standards, themes, etc. Im down for nything so yea....hit me up


Staff member
The map of the month was actually originally my idea. I believe in bringing everyone full circle to keep what is left of TFC together. Collaborating on maps and sharing idea's is what it's all about as you said.

I've been kind of busy as of late but PizzaSupreme is working hard to crank out the first release which should be out today or within a few at the most.
Hellz yea!! I've been saying "nominate conc_motm" for days lol. Awesome idea D12 and I would love to participate. Just lemme know on the style/theme/etc and a reasonable amount of time to complete it and we're solid ;)