Might as well start it off


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It really goes with out saying to much, that the people all on this site know each other, since we are a pretty tight group so far. But I thought I would at least use the forum here and there.

Most people have heard me talk about where I live and what I do, but for those who haven't (you probably don't care) but screw it any ways.

I am from Oregon and I work for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, I hunt and fish through out most of the year seasons permitting. My work is directly related to my hunting and fishing so it is like getting paid to do stuff I already enjoy, I sure as hell didn't do it for the money.

I suck at TFC over all, I can do some of the easy conc maps, but 95% of the ones on the server are way above my level, but hell its just as cool to sit back and watch people beat maps I stand no chance of.

and small side note about that, I will always conc with my crowbar out!!!!


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Welcome copenhagen, indeed you do like your crowbar and we do see a lot of each other in spectator mode as myself I can't do very many maps.