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Sup guys, Coelo here!

I discovered the TFC about 10 years ago when I bought Half Life Anthology. I remember I found a server that was played 24/7 badlands. I spent most of the time on that map. Gradually I discovered new maps but I was only interested kill something, not paying attention to team play and objectives of each type of map. At that time I was a little boy who played Counter in cybercafes and only cared about the individual score.
I remember the first time I saw a guy giving a longer than normal jump. Thus began this addiction that as of today does not tire me. I remember playing in a server skills but once entered, I was upset a lot and then I was leaving. Gradually with old friends began to improve in the CTF and other modes and we had our good times.

I had a huge hiatus of many years, entertained with other games ..
when a couple of years ago reinstalled but all servers were practically empty. I took a huge disappointment, but I discovered a few servers of adventure maps, deathmatch, climb, bhop and later concs. Again I had several stoppages but I finally discovered the server Skillzworld where me and my loneliness we spent the hours concing. One day it connected a guy named "doDo" and I was stunned watching him getting over all obstacles. He tried to teach me something more advanced but I had no patience.

Then slowly and practically by myself learned the basics that exist in the world of conc. But once had to use 2 or 3 the world came over me and I saw myself unable to do. At the time, with the aid of Mighty I improved a little what had learned and became interested professionals. I discovered that a guy named Goku was very good and when I found out that he was from Spain I could not believe and moreover when I knew he belonged to Vertical Impact.

Then, one night in my solitude was in the Skillzworld server and decided to look more servers of skills as I was told that Goku was still concing on a server called TFC Refugees. And that was how I met him because he was there. That helped me to want learn more and improve.

Finally, since that time I discovered "the Refuge" I've met amazing, humble people, keen to help, funny, very patiently and so good concers. I can only say to... ill4death, Gir^, Toke^, doDo, Son Goku .. and all members in general.. thank you for everything, you are awesome. See you in the middle of the air of any jump and ...


P.S: Sorry for my grammar if something is misspelled or has a rare sense. :)


Glad to see you on the webbie Coelo! :D Just wanted to take the time to say that I read your post and really appreciate the kind words. I know that for the most part all of us here who are regulars on Refugees have seen dramatic improvement in your skill and I for one will say that I have a blast playing maps with you and look forward to seeing you/along with myself :P develop even further in the future. Have a good one man